My first canvas photo prints in the wild

Oct 21, 2020Create, Lifestyle

Snapped some pictures of these canvas photo prints outside a few weeks ago, just before I parted with them — donated the large 20×30″ Matafao canvas as one of the raffle prizes at the Pacific Roots Open Mic Showcase, and sold the four 12×12″ canvases at the art corner. Other than getting a canvas print made for my best friend, these were my first canvas photo prints made available to the public. I’m still buzzed about selling all these canvas pieces, and to get so much support from everyone has me stoked. Thank you guys. I actually kinda feel validated about my work now lol. I can’t believe some of you actually want to buy from me. So so so cool of you. Thank you. Now I’m itching to get new canvas prints made!

Just wanted to leave the photos on here for documentation. Can’t wait to stumble on this again in the future and remember all the good things.


  1. ioana

    Congratulations 🙌 they are really beautiful

  2. ioana

    Congratulations, Nerelle! They look wonderful. It is an amazing step you took.


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