Belt or no belt?

Apr 16, 2020Create, Lifestyle, Moments

Finally used my JOBY GorillaPod and set my camera on timer for today’s portrait. Didn’t do the best job with the shot composition because I never use tripods so I couldn’t be bothered with

Played around with poses and it’s kinda feeling like a fashion look book lol.

Made this duster dress a few years ago with a couple yards of marigold-colored light jacquard cotton fabric I picked up at Manu’a’s. We don’t have a lot of good cotton fabric for flowy-style clothes here, so I love this dress because I love this fabric. I did a pretty sloppy job on the actual sewing, and there are loose threads everywhere because I don’t have a serger. That’s okay thought. It’s lasted this long in my closet, and I don’t foresee me getting rid of it anytime soon.


  1. ioana

    Belt 👌🏼🌷😁

    • nerelle

      Yeah… true it does look more structured with a belt 💛

      • ioana

        It fits your body forms better 😉


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