Night Sky in Ofu-Olosega

Jan 17, 2021Photography, Travel

Going back through my photo archives from 2020, and can’t believe I forgot about these gems!

I snapped these photos of the night sky in Ofu-Olosega in September 2020 during my weeklong trip with Ian.

The weather fluctuated while we were there, so when it finally cleared up on this night, I asked Ian to take me to the beach and to the bridge to take photos. I wanted to practice my astrophotography on my Sony A7III and originally wanted to capture the Milky Way with one of the island’s iconic mountains to frame the shot, but our galaxy was tipped in another direction of the horizon so I couldn’t position the Milky Way and the mountain in a single shot. Still, I had to try to capture these enchanting diamonds of the sky. We didn’t stay out for very long because it was the night before I had to fly back to Tutuila and we wanted to wake up early for a last adventure, but after finagling with my camera and waiting for the shutter to sound off multiple times, I looked down at my brightly lit LCD screen and I couldn’t help but beam… I loved it! These shots were such a picture-perfect reminder of the magnificence and awe I feel every time I have the pleasure of staying in Manu’a.


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