A Lazy Flag Day for Me

Apr 17, 2018Lifestyle

Yup, the post title pretty much says it all. Ian came back last night!! But such a bummer because he had to work today. In the rain. While he’s under the weather. To find the PacIOOS wave buoy that broke off somewhere 8 miles off of Aunu’u. Poor guy. I on the other hand had a very boring day. I woke up early to drop Ian off at work then came back home with every intention to grab my rain jacket and go check out the Flag Day entertainment at the stadium. But I got lazy, and it was raining, and I was watching it on tv anyway. So I took a nap, went over to Shivaun’s and hung out at her World Teach BBQ shindig, then picked Ian up from work. He was moody because he was tired and not feeling well. I too felt like I was getting sick so we both took a nap. My second nap. I woke up feeling gross because it was almost 7pm and dark outside, and I hate the feeling of wasting the day. I let Ian keep sleeping but I forced myself out of bed, made a cup of acai berry tea, and now I’m messing around on my laptop. Not very patriotic of me. But here are some photos from last night’s laser light show in Utulei, which was put on by PPTC to launch their distributorship of Coors. It was a cool display, though Bluesky’s 4G+ concert last year was cooler IMHO (I’m biased too). Anyhow, that’s my lazy day for you! Gonna try to post more this week but as always, we’ll see! xo



Flag Day 2018 Laser Light Show by PPTC


Flag Day 2018 Laser Light Show by PPTC


Flag Day 2018 Laser Light Show by PPTC


Flag Day 2018 Laser Light Show by PPTC


Flag Day 2018 Laser Light Show by PPTC


Flag Day 2018 Laser Light Show by PPTC


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